About Us

African San Taxidermy is situated in the heart of South Africa’s Northern Cape. This ideal location places the studio at the epicentre of a true hunting paradise.

Creativity comes naturally to our dedicated team of taxidermy professionals. Hunters and outfitters from across the African continent trust African San Taxidermy to continually produce exceptional trophy mounts, full mounts and all other taxidermy products. Clients receive their completed, professionally packed trophies in countries all over the world, including the USA, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Spain, Germany and France.

African San boast a on-site tannery and wood work department. Our time frame is 6 months on mounted trophies and 3 months on dip&ship from date of deposit to delivery to freight forwarders. As a state veterinarian-approved high-risk taxidermy, African San Taxidermy complies with the strictest standards set by authorities in South Africa and all other countries around the world. We can import from all African hunting destinations and export to any country in the world.

You started the journey … Let us complete it !

Core Values

Specialized Sales Team that CREATES satisfaction EVERY time, ON time

African San Taxidermy are NEVER satisfied with good enough

We honour our commitment to those we serve and take pride in everything that is honest & fair

We are curious and creative

One team … One Dream

At African San we embrace opportunities to learn & grow

Asked Questions

Where is the African San Taxidermy studio located
African San Taxidermy Studio is located in the Northern Cape Province of SOUTH AFRICA.
How do I get my trophies to African San Taxidermy?
Contact African San Taxidermy and we will manage the full logistical process on your behalf. A dedicated sales operator will handle your case and will be in contact as soon as possible.
How long will it take for me to get my finished trophy?
Our lead-time from date of deposit to delivery to export company is approx. 6 months on mounted trophies and 3 months on dip&ship. For any large full mounts, leather products or custom dioramas, the lead time will vary. At the time the order is placed, we will estimate a completion date.
I plan on going on a hunt. Is there anything I should do before I go to prepare for taxidermy?

Please contact us as soon as you have booked your hunting trip. One of our very dedicated sales operators will be in contact explaining the whole process

What is hair slippage?

The most dreaded word. It occurs when bacteria develop due to improper field care of your trophy. Microorganisms grow in the hair follicle and eventually break down the connective tissue causing the hair to “slip” or fall out.

How should I clean my mount?
Regular cleaning ensures longevity and keeps you mount looking as good as the day it was brought home. Avoid heavy cleaners or furniture polish. Regular use of a simple feather duster goes a long way..
Do you restore or repair old mounts?

We offer restoration work on a case-by-case basis. For options, quotes, and more information contact us. We will be able to evaluate your mount and come up with a plan of action.

Can I stop in to see the studio?

We simply love having visitors ! Our showroom is open daily, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.